Survivors, Stand Up!!!

Well, a new year is on the horizon and I don’t know about you but I’m leaving 2020 and all the anxiety associated with it in the trash!!!! Years ago I eliminated my anxiety, poor self  esteem and  miserable self confidence by changing my clothes👗👠💄

The ugly-ness of anxiety and low self-esteem started reappearing in my life after my job moved from the office to work from home (Thank you pandemic)

Unable to express myself through my carefully coifed outfits and perfectly placed makeup, I fell into a little bit of a depression.  And then……..

Express yourself through your clothing choices

BOOM….  ZOOM meetings became a thing!!! This, my friends,was opportunity.  Opportunity to upgrade my image.  I dialed up my style 3 notches. I accepted the challenge and I won against depression….again and without medication….again.  

Create your own lane

So, 2021 is in face…..what are you upgrading??  Style, Image, Confidence,  Interior design, Mindset, All of the above and them some …….. Name it and upgrade it!!!! I am here for it and ready to show you the blueprint!!!

Clink the link below to schedule a free 15minute consult. 

PS: Items pictured available on to shop @longnails29 closet.

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